Atom feeds for Facebook and Twitter

My latest side projects provide Atom feeds for your Facebook news feed, your Twitter stream, or any Twitter list. You can use them to read your friends’ posts in an RSS/Atom feed reader instead of directly on Facebook or Twitter. Try them out!

Facebook used to provide RSS for the news feed, but they deprecated it a couple years ago and dropped it altogether a couple weeks ago. The only working solution I’ve found is JWZ’s facebook-rss.pl script, which works but isn’t very accessible.

Twitter also used to support RSS and Atom in their API, but they deprecated them when they announced the new API, and recently dropped them altogether. There’s a Yahoo Pipe that does the conversion, but it uses the old API and doesn’t authenticate, which the new API requires, so it won’t last long.

The source for both apps is on Github. The heavy lifting is done by my ActivityStreams bridge project. Enjoy!


13 thoughts on “Atom feeds for Facebook and Twitter

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great timing! I was just looking for such a tool. I couldn’t seem to find anything else comparable, though I did find an article about a similar project a coupla’ years back on which facebook put the kibosh — so beware!

    I have a some feedback and requests. My feed reader is the browser-based tt-rss (which I’m new to — I may be missing something; I was just going to double-check your feed in Thunderbird, but unfortunately at just this moment it seems to be returning a “500 Internal Server Error”)

    1. 1) include the name of the poster in the article title Compare my official notification feed: (could also be improved on – namely redundant) … with your script’s news feed (not at all clear what’s going on from the headlines).
    2. Most posts’ pictures are missing for me. I waited a while for it to load, but nothing came through. … although SOME others DO.
    3. adding the ‘like’ feature would be great
    4. show user comments
    5. ability to add comments would be ideal

    I’d been thinking before of writing a PHP script to serve an RSS/Atom feed of facebook through loopback.

    Big thanks for the tool and for sharing the source. It’s my first visit to your page. You ARE prolific indeed. Sorry to read about your accident. Glad you’re doing better. Cheers!

  2. Casey Jones says:

    Damnit, I can’t seem to get it right. In the first comment my textual formatting got mangled. Couldn’t see a way to edit, and in my retry I forgot to sign my name. d-: Apologies.

  3. notes for myself: i took a look at JWZ’s facebook-rss.pl, and it does a number of interesting things differently from my app:

    • it masquerades as facebook’s own iphone app so it can see posts from people who have blocked apps from seeing their posts.
    • it fetches checkins and people tagged in photos separately, which mine doesn’t yet do.
    • it looks like it explicitly includes posts from all of your friends, as opposed to using facebook’s ranking algorithm and your feedback, e.g. if you’ve ever said “only show important posts from this person” or “hide posts from this app.” mine intentionally includes facebook’s ranking and your feedback.

    i may add some of those to my app, but i don’t know if i’ll add all of them.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for developing this! It works fine with the NewsGator reader, but when I tried it with SharpReader, I got a parsing error:

    Error parsing RSS XML: ‘georss’ is an undeclared namespace. Line 69, position 4.

    Could you add: xmlns:georss=”http://www.georss.org/georss”

    to the generated RSS feed?

    Thank you for considering this suggestion.

    • Scott Inrig, Ottawa, Canada.
  5. Hey, this is a great work, but both with the twitter and facebook apps I’m getting errors.

    On twitter: Could not create Twitter OAuth request token: TweepError(TweepError(HTTPError(),),) On facebook: 500 server error.

    Thanks a lot for this work, btw.

  6. i made facebook-atom handle facebook api errors and timeouts more gracefully, which should help there.

    i see your errors on twitter-atom, but i was able to generate feeds with a few app ids of mine, and twitter’s API didn’t tell me much about why it choked on yours, so i’m not sure. i’ll keep investigating.

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