Python 3 on App Engine Standard

I run a number of projects on App Engine. I love it. However, it’s a bit embarrassing that the standard environment still only supports Python 2, not Python 3. I recently migrated two Python 2 libraries with matching App Engine projects, granary and oauth-dropins, to be Python 3 compatible. It worked, but it took a […]

Microsub bridge

Harriet Russell If you’re familiar with much of my IndieWeb work, you probably know I’m drawn to building translators, proxies, and bridges to connect different protocols and services that do similar things. There’s been a lot of activity recently around Microsub, a standard API for feed reader clients to talk to servers. Many existing readers […]

Bridgy Fed

I’m launching a new side project! Bridgy Fed connects your IndieWeb site with federated social networks like Mastodon and Hubzilla. If your site can send and receive webmentions, Bridgy Fed can federate it with the fediverse! I originally discovered the IndieWeb after I started connecting this web site with social networks like Facebook and Twitter. […]