What I work on

I had a conversation with a good friend recently that crystallized something I’d always felt strongly, at a gut level, but never thought through: how I choose what to work on.

When I look for a new job, I think about project, people, compensation, role, company, commute, etc. I’ve tried focusing on different factors over time, and I’ve found that for me, project is often the most important. I’ll suffer with low pay, long train rides, or a role I’m overqualified for if I’m working on something I care about and believe in.

I prefer tools over products. Systems over tools. Protocols over systems. Problems over users. Wicked over tame. Research over application. Many of these are stereotypical engineer cliches, but they boil down to an interesting theme: I prefer to work in areas where the goals and incentives don’t change much over time. Continue reading