Television shows I want to watch and have watched. I liked, were just ok, I didn’t like. Also see other lists.

Naturally, this isn’t comprehensive – I’ve watched plenty of shows that aren’t on this list – and it’s biased toward my taste. If I mark a show , I may still think it’s good overall, but just doesn’t match my own personal taste, and vice versa. I tend to prefer scripted comedies and serial dramas.

Also, I don’t actually have a TV, much less cable or satellite, so I watch on sites like Hulu and Netflix instead.

Shows I want to watch:

Shows I’ve watched:

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  1. Devon LaHar says:

    Agree–REALLY can’t believe that Dexter didn’t speak to you!

    Did you ever catch the Battlestar Galactica spin-off/prequel Caprica? I thought that it had promise, including a great dark feel and stylish look–but the episodes began to drag and darken physically.

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