nice post, welcome to the indieweb! btw, it looks like you have the [webmention plugin]( installed. if you also install the [semantic-linkbacks plugin](, or switch to [this bundle](, you’ll see the actual content of those comments (or labels for likes, retweets, etc. from the social networks).

i’ll also shamelessly plug; feel free to try it out!


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  1. Hello Ryan!

    Thank you for the welcome. :)

    I do actually have a few plugins installed: Hum, IndieAuth, IndieWeb, Lifestream (though haven’t got that working yet), rel-syndication for WordPress, Semantic-Linkbacks, Social, uf2 (though that doesn’t seem to be working), and WebMention. Perhaps some are overriding others? :)

  2. aha, yes, i think you diagnosed it right. the indieweb plugin is actually just a bundle of the webmention and semantic linkbacks plugins, so you don’t need all three. maybe try deactivating the indieweb plugin and see if that helps. (and we obviously have more work to do to make this setup easier!)

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