cool!!! auto linking and images in comments are underrated.

it’s definitely not perfect, but feel free to plunder my code for auto-linking HTML, based on kylewm’s:

also, did you only switch articles to name? or notes too? the wordpress plugins originally only showed name for both, which annoyed me, so i made both show full content if it was short enough:


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  1. Well you managed to provide an interesting example in this reply! Your post has e-content so it’s parsed as HTML, but then the links in the post aren’t hyperlinks! I was worried my autolinker was broken but it’s not running because it thinks the post is HTML.

    I run the heuristics at to determine whether the “name” of the post is distinct from the “content”, so that’s how I tell whether something is an article vs a note. If your mf2 has the same values for name and content, it drops the name and shows just the content.

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