These are old messages that were, at one point in time, displayed on the front page of They're archived here for, um, posterity. Or something.

9/13: Spread Firefox!


7/15: Could Ilovebees be Beast 2?

6/6: countdown to seeing susan: !

4/29: It's official - we're going public.

4/25: countdown to seeing susan: !

2/8: My newest guilty pleasure is Jackass: The Movie.
As Richard Roeper described it, "God help me...thumbs up!"

2/3: Do you use Pine? Do you wish it had a "reply all" command? Now it does!

1/29: ...Off to the Google ski trip!

1/22: Check out, a new social networking site written by a friend of mine.
(Drop me a line if you want an invitation.)

1/22: No new motd today, but you can check out the archive of old motds.

1/14: Check out Vanessa's latest picture. I like it.

1/8: now hosts a version control server. email me if you want access.

12/23: Merry Christmas! And a happy New Year!

12/10: New pictures on snarfed: Google Holiday Party and Clinton/Gore Visits.

11/30: Introducing Big Brother. Now you know more about me than you ever wanted to know!

11/26: You've heard of Friendster. You may have a blog. But do you know which social networking web site you are?

11/20: Of all the new things at Google's new campus, the toilets are by far the weirdest.

11/15: Who knew Puff Daddy was a fan of MS-DOS?

11/12: Did you miss the symphony performance? Catch the highlights on ESPN SymphonyCenter, tonight at 11.

10/30: Do you believe in God? Are you sure? Take the God Quiz!

10/24: :-)

10/22: :-|

10/16: :-(

10/7: Gray Davis has been recalled. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the California governor elect.

10/3: I've posted a list of books i've read recently and liked.

[out of band]: This was the GeoURL tag for Rains 38A:
<meta name="ICBM" content="37.4236755, -122.1652451"></meta>

9/23: the voyeurism page is back up and running. take a know you want to.

9/19: i played in a chess simul against grandmaster and former world junior champion tal shaked. he won 28 and drew 2. (guess which group i was in. :P)

9/16: enidvenlty, as lnog as the frsit and lsat ltetres are the smae, we can raed tlotaly srcmebald wrdos! raed the atclire in nutrae. tihs is yet mroe eicendve taht we raed *saehps* of wrsdo, not leterts.

9/12: this space intentionally left blank.

8/25: i've found a few nice wood pieces, but still, furniture shopping is hard.

8/15: in any war, there are casualties. in the Great Ryan Moving War of 2003, the casualty was our server. snarfed and kash are down. They'll be up Real Soon Now, i.e. a week or two.

8/14: I move into my new apartment saturday. whee!

8/11: I just got back from a week-long vacation in florida. I like vacation.

7/30: try a google search on me , or anyone else in our draw group, and check out the ad.

7/28: i've been sick since thursday. i think i'm better now, but my body doesn't know it yet. sigh...

7/14: i'm moving to sf!

6/23: The supreme court has ruled on quotas at U. of Michigan.

6/16: I gradumacated!

6/14: I'm gradumacating!

6/11: Done with finals! Er, final.

6/8: I want one of their toys. Or, this.

5/29: Want to contribute to a Stanford research project? Take our survey!

5/21: This gives me a little faith in our legal system...but not much.

5/17: I'm starting work at Google in a few months, but maybe this paper will put me out of a job! :P

5/8: Animatrix 4! I can't wait for the movie.

5/5: wow. and it's all real, too.

4/27: Celebrate! Or don't.

4/21/2003: A threat of litigation by American Greetings
caused a recent Penny Arcade comic to be removed.
see the comic. Email Rinda Vas with your comments.

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If it was the Church of Scientology, it would be illegal...
...but it's not, so exercise your constitutional rights!

a rant on national security (aka homeland security), proactive vs. reactive, and why ID checks don't work.

a rant on tipping (restaurants, cabs, etc.), why it's worse than useless, and how we could stop.