Experienced engineering leader. 20+ years building and scaling backend infrastructure, data platforms and applications, and cross functional teams.

NCX, 2021 – 2023

Head of Data

Led a team of machine learning engineers and data scientists to build a carbon exchange marketplace based on a detailed forest inventory of the entire continental US. More background.

Color, 2015 – 2021

Engineering lead; Head of engineering

Helped grow team to 30 software engineers and data scientists. Led bioinformatics and product teams to implement new genetic tests and health areas, physician ordering, insurance billing, dynamic interactive reports, external facing analytics suite, and more. Led infrastructure and ops teams to deliver CI/CD, development toolchains, and >99.9% availability. Led security, compliance and IT to implement dozens of initiatives with no breaches.

Led data platform and data science teams. Built internal analytics stack and multi-billion-row data warehouse that does GWAS studies and polygenic scores in minutes. Created Color Data (blog post), a large interactive public research dataset.

Implemented much of the bioinformatics pipeline. Sped up development cycle from 12-24h to ~2m.

Quip, 2013 – 2015


Contributed to server and storage system, data model, synchronization protocol, web frontend, iOS app, and Android app.

Google, 2003 – 2013

Senior Staff Engineer

Co-founded Google App Engine, one of the first cloud PaaS platforms, which eventually hit >$1B run rate and led to Google Cloud. Led engineering for the datastore, a large scale, globally multi-homed NoSQL database that stored >1T rows, >1EB of data, and served >3Mqps.

Designed and built company-wide ML infrastructure for personalization.

Led and contributed to network management projects for Google’s backbone network, including command and control, monitoring, automation, topology, routing, peering, and OpenFlow.

Spearheaded Google’s OpenID support, including Blogger integrations and a full Google Accounts provider.

Co-founded Google’s transaction processing and billing platform and led its storage engineering team.

IBM Research Almaden, Extreme Blue, 2001 – 2003, Software Engineer

LucasArts Entertainment, 2001, Intern

Webvan Group, 2000, Intern

Electronic Arts, 1999, QA Tester

MobileForce Technologies, 1998, Intern

Stanford University, 1998 – 2003
MS Computer Science
BS Computer Science, Mathematics minor

Open source projects: Bridgy, granary, Indie Map, and more. Contributor to ActivityStreams/OStatus, OpenID, Emacs, WordPress, Pine/Alpine, tcsh, and Pidgin. GitHub profile.

Selected publications and talks

  • 9811552 (USPTO): Detecting and bucketing sparse indicators for communication generation
  • 9785792 (USPTO): Systems and methods for processing requests for genetic data based on client permission data
  • 9811439 (USPTO): Functional testing of code modifications for read processing systems
  • 9817866 (USPTO): Lossless compression of client read data
  • 9813467 (USPTO): Real-time alignment and processing of incomplete stream of data
  • 9811391 (USPTO): Load balancing and conflict processing in workflow with task dependencies
  • 9773031 (USPTO): Duplication and deletion detection using transformation processing of depth vectors
  • 9678794, 9811438 (USPTO): Techniques for processing queries relating to task-completion times or cross-data-structure interactions
  • 9584882, 9774508 (USPTO): Communication generation using sparse indicators and sensor data
  • 8005950 (USPTO): Application server scalability through runtime restrictions enforcement in a distributed application execution system
  • 7877482 (USPTO): Efficient application hosting in a distributed application execution system

  • Eagle Scout, Boy Scout Troop 120
  • Black Belt, 1st dan, Hapkido Karate, Jang Moo Won
  • Classical piano under Geraldine Keeling, multiple competitions and concerts