Saw Cirque du Soleil’s Kooza last night. It was great. But the one act of theirs I’ll never forget was from over a decade ago: Lara Jacobs’s Balance Goddess in Amaluna. Didn’t feel like a circus act at all; it was quiet, meditative, haunting. Started simply, balancing a few palm ribs on each other, but by the end of it, she’d constructed an elaborate maze of them, from tiny to massive, perfectly and impossibly hanging in midair, defying all known physics. Otherworldly. One of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen.


Daaamn. Reading Meditations, this jumped out at me:

Thou must hasten therefore; not only because thou art every day nearer unto death than other, but also because that intellective faculty in thee, whereby thou art enabled to know the true nature of things, and to order all thy actions by that knowledge, doth daily waste and decay: or, may fail thee before thou die.

To paraphrase:

Sure, hurry up and do stuff before you die, but that’s not enough. You’ll run out of strength and get dementia way before that. So hurry up even more!

Hoo boy. This is not the chill, everything’s fine, don’t stress, Zen style Stoicism I was promised. 😆

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Moderate people, not code

Dixit / Marie Cardouat

The scope of the fediverse has been hotly debated recently. Are we a big fedi? Or a small fedi? Are instances just nodes? Or networked communities? Which Camp of Mastodon are we in? How far should our replies travel? How about our blog posts and Bluesky skeets? Should we welcome Threads? Or block them?

Should we open the fediverse to everyone, let them exercise freedom of association, embrace the inevitable Eternal September, and get good at managing the problems? Or should we learn from Twitter that a “global town square” has big downsides, try to prevent those harms from the beginning, and only expand online communities once we have their consent?

Should there be one internet? Or multiple, sometimes separate internets? Continue reading