How many tech startups in 2019 could be built with Airtable and Zapier alone? Spoiler: a lot.

Sure, you may need one or two others. Or you may prefer any of the great alternatives. (Hi Quip, IFTTT, Transposit!) Regardless, these kinds of prosumer, automation-friendly tools are truly great now, especially for building service oriented products. You can ship MVPs on them that comfortably serve your first 10k+ users, and likely more, with little to no actual code. That’s stunning.

Early cloud computing was a big shift that dramatically reduced the cost of bootstrapping a tech application. App stores on phones were another. This may be the third. Add in the largest pool of available capital ever, and there’s never been a better time to start a tech company.

(Having said that, founding a startup is still brutal, unforgiving, and all-consuming. That way lie dragons, as always. Entrepreneur beware.)