snarfed.org has been around since early 2002. It was born on my own server, which lived first in dorm rooms at school and then in an apartment in San Francisco. It later migrated to a Linux VPS at JVDS, and finally to its current home on a shared FreeBSD server at pair.com.

On the software side, it started on SnipSnap, then moved to PyBlosxom, and now runs on WordPress, originally on its own theme and now on a modified Ryu theme. See my software page for more of its custom patches, plugins, and themes.

The header image is a satellite photo of a military staging area near Al-Basrah, Iraq, taken by Landsat 7.

Unless otherwise noted, all content on this web site is released into the public domain.

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  1. Hi i am looking for a person named Andrew cotton mothers name was susan olive and his fathers name was charles cotton they lived a long time ago in a small village in north wales near porthmadog this was in the 1970s im just wondering if he is the one on your web page

    myfanwy humphreys

  2. hi myfanwy! he might be the one who registered on the site, but i don’t know for sure. sorry i can’t help more…

  3. Anonymous Cellphones might be possible. I got a VirginMobile phone setup and it seems as though I don’t even have to enter in my name, address or anything. Just email when I activated the phone. You can even pay cash.

  4. Hi Ryan,

    Just curious, but why, if you value privacy so highly (as you should in my opinion), do you use gmail?

    – Robert

  5. Hi i am looking for the guy that i saw in your collection of Big Game 2005
    pics. He had on a hooded sweatshirt and shorts at the tailgate party before the
    game. Do you know his name or an email? He looks just like me cousin but i
    haven’t seen him in years cause his parents divorced.
    – Jennifer

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    Wait for your response

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    Best regards,

  7. Does anyone have the 31 dowloadable mp3s for beyond good and evil? I tried the stormeffect one and it doesn’t work. Thanx.

  8. hey robert, great question! actually, i don’t use gmail, but not because of privacy concerns. i just prefer pine.

    as for privacy, the vast majority of people’s email is stored on a third party’s servers. whether it’s their ISP, gmail, hotmail, yahoo, or another provider seems like a minor distinction. (ok, hardcore geeks with your own mail servers, you’re the rare exception. put your hands down. :P)

    if you’re thinking about the ads, i’ll let gmail speak for itself. personally, i think it’s just silly. spam filters have been “reading” our mail forever. in terms of privacy, gmail’s ad targeting is no different. they’re both just computer programs. people play the (unwarranted) privacy card because they want a way to diss ads.

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  10. On the Twitter RSS feed, if I did it right, which I think I did, brdcst.it isn’t recognizing it as a valid feed. Anything I can do for that? Thanks!

  11. It’s a very long string. Might it be getting cut off in both brdcst.it and feed validator? Looks that way after I paste it in the latter.

  12. hmm, seems unlikely. feel free to email your feed link to me and i can debug more.

  13. Hi loving bridgy – really enriching the comments on my blog.
    Is there any way that LinkedIn comments could be integrated too?

  14. thanks for the kind words, ross! and thanks for the feedback, linkedin is a great idea. i’ve filed a github issue for it.

    it’s not an itch for me personally, so i probably won’t end up doing it myself, but if you or anyone else want to take a crack at it, i’ll happily accept it as a contribution !

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  16. What a hard Facebook decision! Can‘t believe it, because public likes and comments can‘t be a data security problem. Public is public.

    @schnarfed, I really think the (potential) end of Facebook backfeed affects the attractiveness of webmentions and POSSE. :-(

  17. @schnarfed How can I find the “edit_websites.html” page on brid.gy ? My profile found some test URLs when I was playing with WordPress and I can’t seem to remove them from my profile. Any hints?

  18. I’m not a fan of post kinds plugin. I tried it for a while, but the main posts should remain the default WP, and that’s too much brain effort for me to think through!

    I’ll check out David’s fork though! Thanks!

  19. my main problem with that plugin in more once burnt twice shy… What happens when I eventually get off it? Maybe the posts gracefully degrade to WP defaults, or maybe I lose all that content.

  20. I remember seeing the taxonomies page when I was investigating that plugin. Hmmm. I’ll investigate again, but I’m not sure how far I’ll go. Maybe a trial website to muck around is in my future.

  21. @schnarfed brid.gy stopped to “discover” new likes etc on twitter for a syndicated post (orig on my blog, a tweet about it on twitter <– those likes got send, but no more). is there a time or other limit how long reactions to tweets are discovered? thx

  22. Hopefully you remember me. Weather you were involved the whole time or just resent. I haven’t been to the bay area since the service. I brought that gift I’ve been dying to hit you with. You won’t be ready for it. But surprise parties are named for a reason- ill put maps on so you can check. Its been to long for us to get together

  23. @schnarfed I’ve been exploring some Indieweb stuff and came across Granary. It’s incredible, thanks for maintaining it! I’m curious, how do you avoid hitting social media API’s rate limit when so many people are connecting and syndicating through the site?

  24. David Yates wrote a great defense of RSS which I completely agree with. To summarize the salient points:

  25. I’ve released a new version of Authl that has direct login support for IndieAuth. Also as of v0.1.6 it supports discovery via WebFinger, which should at least have Ryan a lot happier.

  26. With advice from Greg McVerry, Aaron Parecki, and Ryan Barrett, I finished getting this blog set up for subscription using the h-feed microformat, and made other improvements along the way:


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