I’m an open source and professional software engineer, father, pianist, writer, climate hawk, and more. I’m based in San Francisco.

snarfed.org has been around since early 2002. It was born on my own server, which lived first in dorm rooms at school and then in an apartment in San Francisco. It later migrated to a Linux VPS at JVDS, and finally to its current home on a shared FreeBSD server at pair.com.

On the software side, it started on SnipSnap, then moved to PyBlosxom, and now runs on WordPress, originally on its own theme and now on a modified Ryu theme. See my software page for more of its custom patches, plugins, and themes.

The header image is a satellite photo of a military staging area near Al-Basrah, Iraq, taken by Landsat 7.

Unless otherwise noted, all content on this web site is released into the public domain.

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