Welcome to our home. It may not be much, but we’re fond of it, so please wipe your feet and mind the exposed beams. This is where we hang our hat, the place we come home to and put our feet up and relax after a hard day’s work.

For many good years at school, we had real homes, with roofs that leaked and doors that creaked and couches that sighed, just a little, when you sat down. They weren’t perfect – hell, sometimes they were downright broken – but they were ours.

However, like all good things, sharing a real home came to an end. Now, we’re scattered all over the world. Some of us are at new schools, some have jobs, and the lucky ones still haven’t come down to earth quite yet. But none of us have forgotten that leave-the-light-on, hug-your-aunt-mabel, gather-around-the-table-and-carve-the-turkey feeling. Hopefully we never will.

So make yourself comfortable and enjoy your stay, but please, tread lightly. It may not be much, but it’s our home. And some of us are trying to sleep.

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