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I stopped tracking these comprehensively a long time ago. Still, here’s a sampling.

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  1. Ryan,
    I have some questions for you regarding Ryu and our website. Anyway I can get you to look at a few things Im sure you can change in seconds?
    Brian Levine

  2. Hi

    I represent a tiny setup and need help with an MVP project. Mini-web-app. 4-pages for an online grocery service.

    Would you be available for something like this? Or could you please refer me to anyone in your network who might be available?

    Thanks vm in advance!



    • import page:
      -admin can login using email & pwd.
      -admin can import csv/Excel into catalog.

    • catalog page:
      -user can view catalog.
      -user can search catalog. Live-search so no page reloads.
      -user can click on items to get popup to show detailed product information.
      -user can sort catalog headers.
      -user can add to cart.
      -user can filter using tag-bundles & tags. Live-filtering so no page reloads.
      -user can click checkout.
      -admin can edit catalog data & upload photos.

    • checkout page:
      -can view cart summary, edit quantities and remove products.
      -can type email in text field.
      -can type name in text field.
      -can type address in text field.
      -can type phone number in text field.
      -can type preferred delivery date & time in text field.
      -can click “submit button” to send email to admin with order details.

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