remove tcsh globbing in history search

This patch was applied on 8/23/2006. It’s included in tcsh versions 6.14.06 and later.

For the impatient:
Patch for tcsh 6.14.00

I use tcsh as my shell, and I love it. Unfortunately, globbing breaks its history search commands. They halfway support […] and * (character sets and wildcards), but they die on {…} and ^ (expansions and negations).

Specifically, if you use { in a history search pattern, the search is killed and prints Missing }. If you use ^ in a history search pattern, it treats it as a normal character (ie doesn’t glob), but ignores everything after it.

The affected commands include history-search-backward, history-search-forward, i-search-back, and i-search-fwd.

After discussing on the tcsh list, we decided to remove glob support in history search altogether. It’s a rare use case, and we believe it’s more confusing than useful.

This patch against tcsh 6.14.00 removes globbing support and fixes the bugs.

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