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In the course of setting up our web sites, and, Maulik and I have written a number of macros for SnipSnap. To install and use these macros, download snarfed.jar, put it in your SnipSnap application’s WEB-INF/lib/ subdirectory, and restart SnipSnap.

The included macros are:

  • IndexSome, which takes a list of snip paths as its content, and displays an index with only those snips and their immediate children.

  • MakeAlbum, which creates a picture album (with thumbnails, forward and backward links, etc.) out of a set of pictures.

  • AlbumPic, which generates a thumbnail and links to a given snip. This is useful if you want more flexibility to design your own picture album. It’s similar to the snipscale macro.

  • CurrentUser, which shows the username of the current user, or “guest” if the user is not logged in.

  • Attach, which attaches a file to a snip.

  • ShowAttachments, which shows all of a snip’s attachments as links to the attachment files.

  • Utility, which provides miscellaneous code that might be of interest to macro writers.

The snarfed macros require SnipSnap 1.0b1 or greater, and is distributed under the GPL. Copyright 2002-2005 Maulik Shah, Ryan Barrett.

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  1. Hi, I like the sound of the macros. But the links do not connect with files. Can you add them or repoint them?

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