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Filekicker is a PyBlosxom plugin that serves static files. The file to serve is determined by the URL path and the datadir configuration option. The MIME type is inferred from the file’s extension.

For example, if datadir is set in like so:

py['datadir'] = '/home/ryanb/www'

and the user requests this url:

filekicker will send /home/ryanb/www/videos/ to the client, if it exists, with the MIME type video/quicktime. If it doesn’t exist, filekicker will let pyblosxom handle the request.

Filekicker is different from, but related to, plugins such as pystaticfile, pyinclude, and filekicker. It’s basically a generalization of imagekicker, which inspired its name.

Filekicker is copyright 2006 Ryan Barrett, and is distributed under the GPL.

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