Salmon for Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

I’ve just published salmon-unofficial, a stand-in Salmon server for major sites that don’t implement it themselves. It’s up and running at salmon-unofficial.appspot.com with implementations for Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

This complements the unofficial WebFinger, PortableContacts, and ActivityStreams providers I’ve published recently. They’re all just little side projects, and may not be hugely useful on their own, but they do constitute almost a complete suite of OStatus bridge apps for the major social networking sites. Only OStatus itself is left!

As usual with Salmon, I’m still working on interoperability. StatusNet is probably the most mature, but it’s still not handling my slaps yet. Details in my notes. Diaspora’s implementation has historically skewed from the spec, but I still need to try others like Friendica, rstatus, and node-ostatus. Let me know if you have experience with Salmon interop, I’d love help!

Feedback and pull requests are welcome!


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