PortableContacts for Facebook and Twitter

I’ve just published portablecontacts-unofficial, a stand-in PortableContacts server for major sites that don’t implement it themselves. It currently has implementations for Facebook and Twitter, deployed at these endpoints:

They complement the unofficial WebFinger providers I published last month, which I’ve updated to include Link elements pointing to the new PortableContacts endpoints.

Both are just little side projects, and they may not be hugely useful on their own, but together they’re another step toward implementing OStatus bridge apps for more of the major social networking sites.

Feedback and pull requests are welcome!


2 thoughts on “PortableContacts for Facebook and Twitter

  1. This is awesome! I was worrying Poco was starting to lose traction a bit.

    We are implementing a new version of our contact management system ContactZilla and it will be fully Poco compliant, I’ll probably use this to build the twitter and fb imports and hopefully add to the project for you.

    Great work!

    via GitHub

  2. r u Chinese? anyway, you did a great job (screen filter). I'm use it everyday, coz the custom ROM that im using is include it. keep going. via Google+

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