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I’ve just published a new Android app, Open Link in App. Ever tap on a link on your phone and it opens in the browser instead of the native app? Me too. This fixes that. It currently supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, GitHub, and Goodreads.

To use it, after you tap on a link, select Open Link in App from the chooser dialog box. If you don’t see the dialog box, but you think you should, go to Settings => Apps => Browser or Chrome, or whichever app is currently handling the link, and click Clear defaults.

I’ll add more apps and link types as I come across them. Feel free to ask for any specific ones you want. Even better, the source is on GitHub, and I happily accept pull requests.



13 thoughts on “Open Link in App

  1. My main problem with the native app experience is that often times I want to share the link via email. The browser action sheets support this, but Facebook requires you to share thru Facebook. Does your app address this? via Facebook

  2. Technically, I don’t have the problem this app solves because I use iOS and FB handles links directly. I would love an app that integrated Facebook with my native email client. Perhaps the app could use the Facebook api to pull my news feed (if this is a legitimate permission) and have a separate dialogue to request access to launch my email client. I dunno. On the UI side, I simply want one additional share functionality ‘share via email.’ via Facebook

  3. hmm! no, sorry, this app doesn’t help with that. I’m not actually sure an external app could, since that flow happens entirely within the Facebook app itself. :/ via Facebook

  4. definitely! if i read my facebook news feed inside facebook, i’d want that too. (i use http://facebook-atom.appspot.com/ instead.)

    again, unfortunately, afaik external apps can’t inject or intercept basic UI inside the facebook app like the share button. it’d be a big change, but if you want share-by-email enough, you might consider switching to reading your news feed in a feed reader (with facebook-atom above) or something similar. via Facebook

  5. Ele vai ser muito importante para mim que eu preciso dele

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