snipsnap comment without login patch

For the impatient:
Patch for SnipSnap 1.0b2-uttoxeter
SnipSnap 1.0b2-uttoxeter source
Ant (needed to build SnipSnap)

Patching FAQ

I originally used SnipSnap as the web server for this site, and I loved it. However, my single biggest gripe with SnipSnap is that it requires you to register before you can comment.

I want to do everything possible to encourage people to comment. If they have to jump through the account creation hoops for yet another site before they can comment, chances are they won’t. So, I wrote a patch to allow visitors to comment without logging in.

The patch applies cleanly against SnipSnap 1.0b2-uttoxeter. To use it with an existing SnipSnap installation, download the SnipSnap source, apply the patch, and build SnipSnap with Ant. Then copy the newly rebuilt snipsnap.jar into your SnipSnap’s lib/ subdirectory, and copy snipsnap-servlets.jar into your application’s WEB-INF/lib/ subdirectory, over the existing jars. Restart SnipSnap and you should be good to go!

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