snipsnap 1.0b1 virtual hostname patch

For the impatient:
Patch for SnipSnap 1.0b1
SnipSnap 1.0b1 source
Ant (needed to build SnipSnap)

Patching FAQ

I use used to use SnipSnap as the web server for this site, and I love it. However, nothing’s perfect, even SnipSnap.

SnipSnap runs on top of Jetty, a Java web server and servlet container. Jetty is highly configurable, which I take advantage of to do virtual host redirection. Specifically, I use a single instance of Jetty to serve a SnipSnap instance on, and static HTML on

This worked great until I upgraded to SnipSnap 1.0b1. Its Jetty initialization code has a bug that prevents virtual hostname redirection. :/

I’ve written a small patch that fixes this. To use it with an existing SnipSnap installation, download the SnipSnap 1.0b1 source, apply the patch, build SnipSnap with Ant, then copy the newly rebuilt snipsnap-server.jar into your SnipSnap’s lib/ subdirectory, over the existing jar. Restart SnipSnap and you should be good to go!

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