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Snipscrape is a screen scraper for SnipSnap. It enables you to import pages from one SnipSnap site into another, or to recover content from SnipSnap-generated HTML pages. It does this by transforming HTML pages generated by SnipSnap into XML that can be imported.

Snipscrape is implemented in XSLT, and comes with a shell script for *nix platforms that does some useful preprocessing. You can use snipscrape without the shell script, but you’ll need to perform a few tasks by hand, such as escaping special characters.

Assuming you’d like to scrape two pages, snip1.html and snip2.html, here’s what you’d do:

$ snip1.html snip2.html > snips.xml

Now, go to the manager page in your SnipSnap, import snips.xml, and you should be set!

P.S. Thanks to Paul Brown for his article Migrating Radio to SnipSnap.

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