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Download snarfed theme 0.5

This site runs on WordPress and uses its own WordPress theme, the aptly named snarfed theme.

snarfed is simple, clean, and minimalist. Many standard elements and pieces of text have been removed, including admin links (edit, manage, etc.) on the live site. If you really want them, you can add them back by editing functions.php and style.css.

snarfed is a Thematic child theme, so you’ll need Thematic installed too. It’s been tested with Thematic versions up to, and probably works with later versions.


  • Minimalist aesthetic.

  • Right hand sidebar. Top index widget area, only displayed on the home page.

  • Search via my AJAX site search script. Included in the theme, but off by default. See below for configuration.

  • Automatic search for related pages on 404 errors.

  • OpenID delegation. See below for configuration.

  • New page template, “Posts and Pages,” which is an alternative to the built-in archive. It lists pages as well as posts.

  • Add last updated time to pages and posts if they’ve been updated since they were first published.

  • Hide the comment form on initial page load. It appears when users click on the “Post a comment” link.

  • Integration with a few plugins and services: NextGEN Gallery, YARPP, Google Analytics, Facebook Insights. See below for configuration.

  • The NextGEN Gallery integration includes custom album-compact, imagebrowser, and gallery templates, styled to be consistent with the rest of the site. It also adds permalinks to Shutter Reloaded, one of the effects included in NextGEN Gallery. (They’re the destination links for the thumbnails in galleries.)

  • Link blog title to home page. Link blog description to /about.

  • Tweak the recent comments widget: add bubble icons and remove author names.

  • Highlight comments from the author of a given post or page.

Some of the features – AJAX site search, OpenID delegation, Google Analytics, and Facebook Insights – need a little extra configuration. You’ll need to define new constants in your wp-config.php. Here’s an example:

define('GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_ID', '[ID]');
define('FACEBOOK_INSIGHTS_PROPERTY', 'fb:admins'); // or fb:page_id or fb:app_id

The snarfed WordPress theme is in the public domain.

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