Suburbia Ho!

So the commute finally got to me. I lived in San Francisco for a couple years, and I loved it. I’d never lived in a real city before, and it was definitely worth it. I was also lucky enough to find a great roommate, a perfect apartment, and a really fun neighborhood. Even better, lots of my friends already lived in and around the city, so I figured I was set.

Except for the commute. It took around three hours out of my day, every week day. I took the train to work, and later the shuttle, which I made good use of by reading, talking, playing games, writing code, and even sleeping. Regardless, being on the road for three hours a day is rough. Lots of people I know do it, and many even enjoy it…but not me.

So, I moved down to Palo Alto. Now I’m a 10-15 minute drive to work, and I can still go up to the city when I want to. Still, it was sad to leave the city. sniff

In other news, you may have noticed another day or so of downtime. snarfed.org has now moved to a virtual hosting provider, JVDS. Given the sad state of the hardware that it was running on, this is definitely a good thing.


2 thoughts on “Suburbia Ho!

  1. lol, true. it does have that on my apartment, which is still totally unconnected. maybe i should have just moved into the shuttle permanently!

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