Bridgy Fed’s bridging has been down some today. Apologies, all! I’m on vacation with limited access right now, so the downtime has been longer than it would be otherwise. I’m working on it as best I can. Not sure if it will be back up soon or tomorrow, but I’ll keep you posted.


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  1. Mainly just Bluesky => fediverse was affected, and it should be working again now. Didn’t backfill everything, there’s a window of missing bridged interactions. More debugging and cleanup to do, but hopefully we’re out of the woods now.

  2. @snarfed.org Ah, I was wondering. It seems to be catching up already, but enjoy your vacation first and foremost.

    Can you detect follows that happened while the bridge was down? If not, it’d be great if you could do a sync on @furryli.st since that seems to have been missed the first time around. (edit: or just tell me that unfollowing/refollowing is “safe”, I’ll let them know)

  3. After cross-checks, I’ve confirmeed that the problem is specific to this Misskey account, @pch_xyz@seediqbale.xyz. Bridgy Fed works with other user name with the underscore on my instance, and the same username on other Pleroma and Mastodon instances. Maybe I broke something during the downtime…

  4. It always happens that way. Go on vacation -> otherwise stable software starts taking a dump

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