1 Million Webmentions

We’re celebrating 1 million webmentions successfully sent in the wild! We’re still narrowing down the exact number and when we crossed the threshold, but we estimate sometime in December 2017 or January 2018. Join us for the party, Wed 1/24 at your local Homebrew Website Club!

Counting isn’t easy, since webmentions are distributed and peer to peer. There’s no single central repository that all webmentions go through. There are a number of large services that handle many webmentions, though. We’re counting as many of those as we can and adding them up, as a lower bound, and then projecting a bit.

As of 2018-01-11, a conservative projected estimate is 1,013,947 total. The absolute lower bound is 989,847. Based on the projected estimate, we’re currently sending ~929 new webmentions per day, which suggests we hit the 1M mark sometime around 2017-12-27.

Here’s everything we’re counting:

21 thoughts on “1 Million Webmentions

  1. Meanwhile 4 million Facebook Likes happened in the time it took to write this tweet. I get the DIY ethos, but ship has sailed.

  2. IndieWeb has created keys to a better, more democratic web for everyone. They need to get organized before they can start really effecting change.

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