Comments R Us

snarfed.org is still being polished, so I’m experimenting. You may have noticed that you can now comment on things. Comments are good! Further, I think they’ll encourage a community atmosphere on snarfed.org.

Originally I disabled comments, because they made the pages more cluttered, and my personal design aesthetic is very minimalist. After reconsidering, though, this site is more about community than design. If comments help foster community, then that’s just plain more important.

So, I’m putting my theory to the test. Write a comment!

(Yeah, you have to register, but I have a better privacy policy than any big commercial site. If I ever give away *any* of your information, you get to poke me in the butt with a pitchfork. Repeatedly. Youch!!!)


2 thoughts on “Comments R Us

  1. I appreciate design, and your site looks great.
    However, a big part in community is seeing who is with you. If you reenable
    the {users} macro in your left menu might show that the site is actually
    read by someone else than me :-)

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