Average Joe winner not so

I hate to say this, but I was all prepped and ready to watch the Average Joe finale last night, to see if a beauty queen would pick someone based on their looks or money. Jason is hot (let’s face it, he is) and lives with his parents, working through school (admirable), but not necessarily the brightest kid on the block. Adam is not hot, but neither is he unattractive, is charming, has made a modest couple mil ($$$), was on the cover of Fortune mag, is tall, owns his own bar, and absolutely adored Milena. Guess who she chose? The hot guy. Dumbass skanky ho. But then I thought – what would I do? More on this later.



One thought on “Average Joe winner not so

  1. I wrote the above comment :)

    About the show: what would I actually have done? I don’t know, but the nice person inside of me would’ve gone for the nice guy, but the devil inside of me would’ve totally gone for the hot guy (he’s hot). Such a hard call – but the hot guy was sleazy feeling (they discussed each others’ hotness), and the nice guy treated her nicely, but, always finishes last???

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