Sure, but could you do _another_ 50?

Last weekend, I roadtripped down to southern cali with my family for my grandparents, Ray and Nancy‘s 50th wedding anniversary. It was a great trip, and an incredible party. They had it in their back yard, so it wasn’t big, but it was very classy. Gold trim, linen tablecloths, nice silver and china, and lots of my grandparents’ friends socializing and having fun.

One of my parents’ gifts to them was a scrapbook full of letters from old friends, relatives, and even celebrities, wishing my grandparents a happy 50th. My parents had sent out letters asking for greetings a few months before, and they got a ton of replies! It was a great idea, and it brought tears to my grandmother’s eyes when she read them.

My parents are on vacation right now, so no pictures yet…but I’ll post them when they get back.


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