…but I can still type

Last Tuesday, on the way up to SF aboard the fabulous Google shuttle, I somehow managed to fracture my hand. It’s a long story, but suffice it to say that I’m no match for a heavy roof hatch, some sharp corners, and the air pressure outside a bus going 70mph.

Of course, it’s possible that every bone in my hand is completely shattered. Or maybe it’s perfectly fine, and I’m imagining the whole thing. Who knows? I went to the hospital on Wednesday, and I still haven’t heard the results of the x-ray. An x-ray taken four days ago. It really amuses me that the Stanford Medical Group provides paperless offices, online access to doctors, and even a hospital blog, but they take 3-5 business days to read x-rays.

…but at least my doctor has her own web site, right?


One thought on “…but I can still type

  1. dude…are you sure she passed her boards?

    Board Certification
    Internal Medicine - pending 2004

    as for 3-5 business days, maybe you should become a radiologist and look at your own x-rays :-P … or…write a program to look at the x-rays….yeah that’d pretty much make you rich and retired.

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