Upsy Downsy

You may or may not have noticed, but yesterday snarfed.org was down for a while, then up and down for a while more. It should be up and stable now.

[Nerd alert! Unless you’re a nerd, stop reading now!]

SnipSnap, the server that runs used to run this site, uses McKoi as its embedded database, and the two have never had an easy relationship. McKoi routinely gets corrupted and needs to be repaired. This time it lost its head(er) entirely, and refused to be recovered.

Thankfully, I backup the site often, and I’d been meaning to upgrade SnipSnap anyway so that I could dump Mckoi. This was just the straw that broke the camel’s back.

So, this site is now running SnipSnap 1.0b1, using the file system as a backing store. Other than better stability and uptime, you shouldn’t notice many differences.

Unfortunately, the upgrade did take a few casualties – specifically, my personal site, ryan.barrett.name, is temporarily down. With SnipSnap 0.4.2a, I was able to configure Jetty to serve both sites from a single SnipSnap instance…but SnipSnap 1.0b1 chokes on that. I can get one site or the other up, but not both…and this site has all the content, so ryan.barrett.name is down for now. Hopefully not for long, though.


One thought on “Upsy Downsy

  1. Hooray!! May this bring the dawn of a new age of peace and stability when all are one!!! When all are one!! (oh wait, this isn’t the end of Transformers the Movie….)

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