5 thoughts on “Oh yeah, you’re married now!

  1. Congratulations to the two of you :-) Nice job with the cruise, John. Julie, if John gets out of line (i.e. stops playing video games) please let us know immediately so that we can correct the problem.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Congrats you guys. . .I still can’t believe it. Oh how time flies!

  3. Hey John and Ryan! Was just plowing through a particularly sticky implementation of a learning algorithm recently and was reminded of you two across the hall freshman year. Ryan with his perfectly (and brilliantly)scribed problemsets and tannaci with his poetic, 4-dimensional cubes. Congrats on the marriage, Tannaci (extremely belated)! Otero forever! Love you guys!

  4. good to hear from you stan! i’ll pass that on to john. i still think about you every time i listen to westin copher or line of sight!

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