May Fete Parade

I woke up this morning to the sound of a fire truck driving by my window, siren blaring. This wouldn’t be unusual, normally…except that this fire truck was going 5 mph, at most. It was followed by a line of floats, a troupe of baton twirlers, and a big white Oldsmobile convertible stuffed with Palo Alto city council members.

Cheering families lined the sidewalks. Down the street, I could hear a high school band playing All Right Now, fading away. From the other direction, I could hear another band on its way, playing, inexplicably, Prince.

I’d totally forgotten about the May Fete Parade. It’s basically a May Day celebration, if a little late. They’ve been doing it since 1922. Very cool.

It may not be the city, but still, yet another reminder of how fun it is to live on University Ave


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