Burger Doo Wop

We’ve been out to a couple fun places recently. Last Saturday, before the symphony, Becca and I went to dinner at Street. It’s a relaxed, foodie friendly place in the same mold as Blue Plate and Front Porch. Becca raved about their hamburger, just like Yelp, and since she never eats them, I knew it must be good.

Their kitchen hadn’t quite opened when we walked in, so we hung out at the bar for a while. Their cocktails were great, especially the homemade sangria and margaritas. Later, when we sat down and looked at the menu, I figured we’d try something new, but we couldn’t resist the burger. It was so worth it.

It’s hard to pin down what exactly made it so good. It wasn’t Kobe beef, for example, or cooked in truffle oil or topped with caviar. It just all came together perfectly. The bun was toasted just right, the gruyere and roasted onions were ideal counterparts, and the meat melted in my mouth.

The second place worth noting is a great jazz club we went to last night. We’d been to Cafe Royale a while back to hear Marcus Shelby, but they were taking a break from live gigs, so we headed to Savanna in the Mission. We got there early, ordered drinks, and waited for the band to set up.

It turned out to be Savanna’s resident jazz trio, playing their regular Tuesday and Sunday night gig. They’ve gotten mixed reviews online, but we really liked them. They were great musicians, and they were relaxed and enjoying themselves.

After their first break, they called a jam session and opened the stage. It was clearly a regular thing, since sax players, singers, bassists, drummers, and even a xylophonist turned up and took their turns jamming. They were all remarkably good, and they were all clearly having fun. We loved it.

Next time you’re bored on a Tuesday or Sunday, let us know! We’d love to go again.


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  1. Nothing beats Tool. Maynard, Danny, Adam, Justin…they’re all absolutely amazing. Together their music just doesn’t compare to anything else. Powerful, complex, emotional…I’ve seen them live twice, want more.

    Look me up at Toolian.

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