Palo Alto Festival of the Arts

I just got back from the Palo Alto Festival of the Arts, and I had a lot of fun. They closed down University Ave. for the entire weekend, so it was literally right outside my window.

Most of the exhibitors were high end local artists, hoping to help upper class yuppies shed their excess cash. Given that, the standard photographs, landscapes, still lifes, and abstracts were well represented. Everything was surprisingly high quality, though, and there were plenty of more unusual styles too.

One of my favorites was Tom Marlatt, whose work is spectacularly vivid. I also enjoyed the wood and metal sculptures, particularly Donald Riggs, DMA Sculpture, Heise Metal Sculpture, and Phillip and Chad Glashoff.

Beyond the art, there was great food and drinks, live music, and an incredible live street painting expo.

All in all, not a bad way to spend a lazy Sunday. Thanks for bringing it to my front door, guys! See you next year…


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