Timecrimes at the International Film Festival

clay theatre

I don’t live in San Francisco, so it took me a while before I finally made it up there for this year’s International Film Festival. I saw the Spanish film Timecrimes aka Los cronocrímenes, by Nacho Vigalondo, at the Clay Theatre. I had no idea what to expect, but it turned out to be entertaining, thought provoking, and a lot of fun.


Similar to Primer, Timecrimes is a take on how ordinary people might handle time travel. I won’t try to reproduce the synopsis here; suffice it to say, it was darker and funnier than any time travel movie I’d seen before. If you get the chance, see it!

I’m not much of a film buff, so I won’t try to to comment on the festival itself or the San Francisco Film Society, which hosts it. Cynthia saw lots of the other IFF movies this year, so I’ll defer to her. I’ll have to go to more of the festival next year!

Thanks to Raj and Kieran for organizing…


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