In LA for PDC

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I’m in LA this week for Microsoft’s PDC 2008. They’re announcing their cloud stuff, so since I work on Google App Engine, I’m here to do a little competitive research. (I tried to convince my co-workers that I needed James Bond style spy gear, but no luck.)

pdc 2008 lacc

Drop me a line if you’re at PDC too, or if you’re just in town and want to catch up! I’ll be at the conference during the daytime, but I’ll be around for dinner or drinks most nights.


2 thoughts on “In LA for PDC

  1. Definitely think you should get all the 007 bells and whistles…what are your co-workers thinking? Have fun with the research op and make sure you play the – “Ah, you know, I just can’t remember…only if I had the spy gear… ;)”

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