Working on my car

2006 mustang

I’ve been doing lots of different things in my free time between jobs. One of the most fun was working on my car the other day.

Of course, it’s a modern car, so it’s stuffed with microchips and “no user serviceable parts” under the hood, and I haven’t had the years of specialized school that you need to be an auto mechanic nowadays, so I didn’t touch the engine block or drivetrain. itself. I just wanted to add aux input to the stereo so I could connect it to an MP3 player.

pie frd04 aux

Happily – and surprisingly – the electrical side hasn’t changed as much over the years as the stuff under the hood. With the help of an aftermarket adaptor, some tap-in connectors from Radio Shack that are way easier than stripping wires and soldering by hand, and a helpful guide, it was pretty straightforward.

Most importantly, though, it works! The car speakers are so much nicer than headphones. Gotta love free time!


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