Le Diner a San Francisco

I just finished posting pictures from San Francisco’s first “pop-up” white dinner, Le Dîner à San Francisco, modeled after the classic Parisian Le Dîner en Blanc.

It was a lot of fun. They announced the location just a couple hours beforehand – Golden Gate Park’s Music Concourse – and hundreds of us all showed up with good food, white tablecloths, white chairs, white decorations, and most importantly, our best (all) white clothes.

We all had a great time. Strolling past fountains with a glass of champagne, listening to street musicians play Debussy and Ravel, watching the amazing sunset, making new friends and catching up with old ones…not so shabby.

We’ll definitely be back next year. You should come with us!


One thought on “Le Diner a San Francisco

  1. Did I spot some bottles of red wine among all those champagne bottles? What would Prof. Larry Fleinhardt say? But that you actually own a white hat and white satin vest is too cool, too cool. Not what one imagines The White Party in San Francisco would be. :-) via Google+

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