Update: check out the writeups and pictures from Greece and Italy!

I’m heading out on vacation for the next month or so. If you’re trying to find me and can’t, that’s probably why.

We’re celebrating my dad‘s 60th birthday and his mother’s 90th (!) by sailing around the Cyclades in Greece for a while, than poking around Venice, Florence, and wine country in Italy, and finally stopping in London on our way back. I’m not sure why London either. I think all the future Mediterranean warmth gave us heat stroke in the middle of planning and we got confused.

We’re hoping Greece can hang onto the Euro for a few more weeks before throwing in the towel and pulling the drachmas out of mothballs. It looks like the New Democracy party won the election, which is good both for the world and for tourists like us. Still, we figure they’ll be so happy to see money coming into the country, and not out of it, we’ll probably get a small island or two for what we’d spend on t-shirts and souvenirs elsewhere.

I know, I know, it’s a tough life. Try to feel a little sorry for me.


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  1. Ha! This was our exact honeymoon path – all around Greece, then to Venice and Italy… wish we would have thought to add London to the end to counteract all the Mediterranean sunshine :) via Facebook

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