Hipster or crazy?

My new office is at Market and 6th, which is a fun neighborhood. We’re on the seventh floor, which affords a great view of the myriad drug deals, crazy people dancing in the street, games of chicken between ambulances and buses (and occasional street cleaner or high-as-a-kite community member), and other neighborhood spectator sports.

One of the best games so far is “hipster or crazy?” Self explanatory; also awesome.

We’re probably going to hell, but hey, look on the bright side, I hear they have trivia nights!


2 thoughts on “Hipster or crazy?

  1. Hey, you’re right upstairs from the Taqueria Cancun at 6th and Mission. Don’t sit with your back to the door (better yet, don’t sit there at all) but they make a fine burrito.


  • 💬 Brenton Simpson

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