12 thoughts on “Twitter is only 300Kqps

  1. crap, i knew an expert would call me on my BS eventually. :Pagreed, it’s a simplification, but it sounds like a fair one. based on my reading,+Raffi Krikorian is saying that the 300K number includes both search and timeline reads: “At 150 million users with 300K QPS for timelines (home and search) naive materialization can be slow.”writes are definitely much heavier, but looking naively at just volume numbers, they’re only 6kqps, ie just 2% more.regardless, point taken, my tone was probably off. i didn’t mean it as “ha ha, twitter’s so small” so much as “wow, if they’re one of the most meaningful internet services in the world, with as many users as they have, this means they’ve done some decent optimization on traffic volume and shaping. kudos to them.”

  2. Whoops- missed the part about search timelines being included (I thought it was only home and user).It’s amazing what caches can do. :-)


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