Crazy Emacs features

I just noticed this gem while skimming the list of packages built into Emacs:

landmark  neural-network robot that learns landmarks

Yes, Emacs is no ordinary text editor. It’s an operating system, a religion, an entire universe unto itself. Here are a few other winners.

animate   make text dance
bruce     phrase utility for overloading the Communications Decency Act of 1996
decipher  cryptanalyze monoalphabetic substitution ciphers
hashcash  Add hashcash payments to email
life      John Horton Conway's 'Life' game for GNU Emacs
master    make a buffer the master over another buffer
meese     protect the impressionable young minds of America
morse     convert text to morse code and back
spook     phrase utility for overloading the NSA line eater
studly    StudlyCaps (tm)(r)(c)(xxx)
uce       facilitate unsolicited commercial email

…and that’s just the built-in ones. Want to get really crazy? Take a look at the add-on packages.

We’re laughing with you, Emacs, not at you, promise! We kid because we love.


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