27 thoughts on “WordPress is porting to Node.js?

  1. @schnarfed not sure what to think of this. On one hand it might push more webhosts to support “anything other than PHP” which would be great, on the other hand it’s probably going to add to the oft-parroted nonsense that PHP is inherently a bad language.

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  3. I can’t see this working out. PHP has a /much/ lower barrier to entry, it’s the reason so many people can just get stuff done with WordPress while on the way to becoming better developers.

  4. I personally am looking now for a Node-based cms as there is lots of random interesting prospects available. I like WordPress but I don’t know how that would turn out on Node.

  5. Combine: a NodeJS version of WordPress, NoSQL DB, and MAIDSAFE… awesome is only the first thought. WP plugins would be an issue, but resolves itself in time.

  6. From what I researched, they only converted the front-end admin for sites on WordPress.com and for self-hosted blogs using the Jetpack plugin. I can’t find any plans to change the server-side technology away from PHP. Can anyone else?


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