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It’s been a while since I mentioned it here, but I’ve been plugging away on a major new Bridgy feature. Bridgy Publish lets you publish to Facebook and Twitter – posts, tweets, comments, likes, and more – from your web site! Think of it as a PaaSPOSSE as a service, that is. I’ve used it almost exclusively to interact with Facebook and Twitter over the last few weeks, and I’m really enjoying it so far.

Examples are worth a thousand words, like pictures, so let’s jump right in. Strand recently asked me on Twitter:

I posted this microformatted reply here, on my web site:

<p class="e-content">@Strabd nah, LA.</p>
<a class="u-in-reply-to" href="https://twitter.com/Strabd/statuses/448284921350483968"></a>
<a href="http://brid.gy/publish/twitter"></a>

My web server supports webmentions (more and more do), so the link to brid.gy/publish/twitter made it send a webmention to Bridgy, which translated my post into this Twitter @-reply:

If your server doesn’t support webmentions, don’t fret! You can use the web UI on your Bridgy user page to preview and publish posts yourself.

You can use similar microformatted HTML to post original Facebook posts and Twitter tweets, likes and favorites and retweets, and even event RSVPs. Check out the docs, or jump right in and try it out. Let me know what you think, and enjoy!

Also on IndieNews.


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  1. I love how this uses a webmention as an event/hook/procedure call. very clever. makes me want to think about other things I could trigger from a mention.

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