IndieWeb people: update your webmention discovery

Hey IndieWeb developers! We recently added an important feature to the Webmention spec: discovery by <a> tag. If you maintain webmention code or have an IndieWeb site that sends webmentions, please add this! It should be just a few lines of code; here’s an example.

Originally, web sites could advertise their webmention endpoint in the Link HTTP header or in a <link rel="webmention"> HTML tag. This change adds the option to use <a rel="webmention"> too. This is useful on hosts that don’t allow custom HTTP headers or <link> tags, notably WordPress.com.

This change was inspired by a big new Bridgy feature: webmention support for Blogger, Tumblr, and WordPress.com. (More about that soon!) Blogger and Tumblr let you add <link> tags, but WordPress.com doesn’t, so we needed this to close the loop there.

Happy hacking!

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