Another custom dining table

After I sourced and designed my single slab dining room table a few years ago, I gained a newfound appreciation for people who make their own furniture. So when a friend sent me this great writeup of building another single slab table using the same wood as mine, bubinga walnut, I had to post it here.

He did much of the same research as me, and and came to most of the same conclusions. He also did the hard work of cutting, finishing, and mounting his slab, while I punted to the pros at Live Edge. Plus, his writing is pretty amusing, including gems like this:

I sanded for over 30 hours total for the top and bottom. In my mind I convinced myself that I was working hard and that in some greater scheme of things the harder I worked, the more fulfilled I’d be with the final product, but no. I was an idiot who didn’t do the proper research. Get the right tools for the job.

Definitely worth reading!


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