New job

I have a new gig! I’m helping build out the bioinformatics pipeline at Color Genomics, a new genomics startup. We sequence your genes, figure out what they mean for your personal health, and work with doctors and genetic counselors to help you plan for the future. We’re a bit like 23andMe, but more focused on medical research and clinical application.

I’ve been interested in biotech for a while now, and I’ve talked with lots of people over the last few years, trying to learn where the interesting problems are and who’s working on them. It’s a huge space, obviously, but when I thought about where I’d like to jump in, I kept coming back to Color. I’d been a big fan of Othman and Elad from back in the day at Google, and I was impressed with Taylor from the moment we met. The rest of the team is just as high powered. They’ll keep me on my toes, and I can’t wait.

I had a great couple years at Quip, and they’re definitely still going strong. I went there for the people, first and foremost, and that decision paid off in spades. They’ve put together a killer team, and their work environment and caliber of talent is second to none. I was just ready to tackle a new kind of project.

Keep watching this space for news…and wish me luck!


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