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It’s been over a year since I last compiled usage statistics for Bridgy, our little IndieWeb side project, and IndieWebCamp SF last week was good motivation to update them. Here they are!

The patterns are broadly the same as last year, so I won’t belabor the obvious. A few high level thoughts:

  • I think user growth is roughly linear, not polynomial or exponential, but it’s hard to say. It looks like it’s a bunch of small asymptotic curves, each one started by a PR boost somewhere or other. In any case, we’re adding ~150 users per month right now.
  • Response and webmention volume, on the other hand, seem to be at least superlinear, if not exponential.
  • Publish usage has surpassed blog webmentions, even despite my recent misgivings.
  • Having said that, listen (aka backfeed) is still comfortably the most popular feature.
  • Twitter and Facebook are still comfortably the most popular silos.
  • Bridgy costs about $0.02/user/month to run right now. That’s all kinds of oversimplified, of course – most of that is for listen, not publish or blog webmentions, and most of that is for active users, since we only poll inactive users once a day – but still, assuming those ratios don’t change too much, it’s still useful for capacity planning.

Methodology for generating the stats: download Bridgy’s latest datastore backup, run to_tsv.py on it, import the output file into this public spreadsheet, and use it to generate the graphs. Details here.

Also on IndieNews.


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