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Wanted: climate change project

I’m in the market for a new side project. I’m looking for something related to climate change. I don’t know if I’ll end up farming biochar, spraying aerosols into the sky, hacking solar panel trackers, or something else entirely, but those are the kinds of thing I’m thinking about.

I’m leaning toward something technical. I’m open to coding, but ideally that won’t be my primary contribution. I’ve had a blast hacking on open source projects, and I’m sure I’ll do more, but right now I’m thinking about something different.

So far, I’ve just been reading a lot and learning as much as I can. There’s lots of great stuff going on, and I’ve found a few open communities here and there, but most substantial projects are either companies or academic research labs. Those are both great, but they’re hard to join part time and contribute a handful of hours a week.

The next step is to talk to people who know more, or know other people who do. If you know the space and have an interesting problem I might be able to help with, or if you know someone who might, please drop me a line!


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