New side project: Indie Map

I’m launching a new side project today! Indie Map is a public IndieWeb social graph and dataset. It’s a complete crawl of 2300 of the most active IndieWeb sites, sliced and diced and rolled up in a few useful ways:

The IndieWeb‘s raison d’Γͺtre is to do social networking on individual personal web sites instead of centralized silos. Some parts have been fairly straightforward to decentralize – publishing, reading, interacting – but others are more difficult. Social graph and data mining fall squarely in the latter camp, which is why the community hasn’t tackled them much so far. I hope this inspires us to do more!

Indie Map was announced at IndieWeb Summit 2017. Check out the slide deck and video of the talk!


61 thoughts on “New side project: Indie Map

  1. … O.o
    Realise I’m the only one, and so hopefully I don’t understand. But… the whole point of “not Facebook” and “not Google” is not to be “datamined”. This makes me afraid there will have to be a whole new reset of the social web after this one. Happy to be talked sense into, though.

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